3rd Meeting of the
U.S. Software System Safety Working Group

February 25th-27th 2003
@ MIT in Cambridge MA USA

The next neeting of the USSSWG will be February 25-27 at the MIT Stratton Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This year we will try something different---a real "working" workshop where the attendees can all interact and learn from each other instead of simply listening to a few people speak. The goal is to learn about, compare, and evaluate the different approaches used for dealing with safety in software-intensive systems.

We will provide problems for small groups to work on together. The results of the small groups will be presented to the larger group for comparison and discussion. The example application and questions to be answered will be available before the workshop so attendees can think about them beforehand (although that is not necessary). The topics will include:

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Ground Rules for those with tools for "sale": To avoid hearing a lot of empty sales pitches, anyone who wants to advocate the use of a particular tool (such as a commercial tool or a particular type of formal methods) must provide a complete example of at least part of the ElectroShear 2000 system (it can be a small part, but hand waving and sales pitches unaccompanied by worked examples will not be allowed).

Steering Committee for the Workshop:
Norman Gauthier, Electric Boat
Daniel Gregory, Raytheon
Michael Holloway, NASA Langley
Nader Kameli, Guidant
James Krodel, Pratt Whitney
Nancy Leveson, MIT
Nick Mansur, Disney
Charlotte McGlohon
James Mitchell, Boeing Helicopter
Thomas Mooney, General Electric
Robert Schmedake, Boeing
Paul Szuszman, Ford
Martha Wetherholt, NASA Goddard

For more information on visiting Cambridge and additional accommodation information, visit the following URL:
http://www.cambridge -usa.org/visitor/visitorset.htm

To get from Logan Airport to Cambridge, the best way is via taxi. Cost is approximately $25.00 each way (during non-rush hours). For more information regarding Logan Airport, visit the following URL:
http://www.massport.com/logan/ default.asp