Incomplete Draft of New Book

Because I am finding so little time to work on this book and waiting until the book is complete to allow people to read it may mean the contents will be obsolete, I have decided to put the draft up on the web. The parts that are written should be intelligible and relatively complete. There are some chapters or sections that are not yet at the stage that they can be disseminated and one that has not yet been started.

You are welcome to download the book and use it for noncommercial purposes (note the copyright on the front of the draft). If you would like to be informed when updates are made and chapters are added, send me your email address (leveson "at" and I will send you a notice.

I welcome comments on how it can be improved.

To access the draft, click here To access a paper (not yet integrated into the book) on how to evaluate risk in the early architectural selection (concept development stage), click here